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New Collection ~ Palace Nights ~ Online Now!




Nat Kent returns in 2021, invigorated with a bold new sense of direction. Her latest collection: Palace Nights, is a daydream, a fantasy, an imaginative escape into the decadent allure of luxury. Inspired by Nat’s love of international film, in particular the elaborate and refined costumes of historical dramas – which aptly compliments her modern maximalist aesthetic.

In the realm of historical fantasy, warriors gallop on horseback across empires to unite with lost loves, powerful women rise to the occasion and lead armies to victory, they advise emperors and stand righteous in the face of indignation. All set to the backdrop of gilded palaces interiors, sprawling ornate gardens and scenic landscapes. Adorned with filigree hairpins, silk tassels and semiprecious stones hand-carved into ornate talismans.

The pieces in her return collection, Palace Nights, are design to feel like treasures, accessories that embody the late nights spent layered in bold adornments, surrounded by great company and effortless conversation.

Palace Nights is an ode to sultry evenings in your own castle.