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The Nat Kent brand weaves stories from exotic places. Far off lands and magical craftsmanship. Jewellery collections both rich in texture and rich in culture from around the globe.

Designer, Nat Kent, has always been an avid collector of treasures from world adventures. From a young age she gathered unique beads, gemstones and pendants - loving the pure potential that they represented. It was this passion that recently led her to launch her own self-named jewellery label, Nat Kent.

Wanderlust meets high fashion in designs that bring together luxurious components; gold chains and hardware, oxidised silver and antique brass, crystals and leather, vintage metals and semi-precious stones. This is jewellery with a narrative; one that continues to be told by its wearer for years to come. Let the adventures begin!

The Nat Kent woman has an eye for detail and a love of quality. She is a bower bird of sorts, a treasure seeker, searching for unique and gorgeous jewels, collecting pieces that remind her of a special time or place.

Silver rings sit on her dresser in a ceramic dish from Morocco. Vintage brass finds from a tribal art dealer in Israel adorn her entry table. On the coffee table is Le’ Futurist – a book from an exhibition at Pompidou. Her walls are clad in framed posters she purchased on a recent trip to Germany – from the famed Bauhaus Archive. She loves to discover new ornaments and her jewels are no different.

She wears sequins, leather, velvet and silk. She is tactile. She is sensual. She is poignant. She is passionate. She is successful. Vibrant and saturated colours capture her imagination. She appreciates other cultures and loves to travel, collecting treasures on her journey; curating her home with these other-worldly finds. She loves art, literature and fashion. She is eclectic.

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